New T-Shirt!

As part of our Indiegogo fundraiser for the new album The Dukes of Alhazred, we made some new shirts designed by Michael Bukowski, and they just came in today!
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Behind the Monsters video!

Please enjoy this footage of the band during our first recording session for our 5th album “The Dukes of Alhazred”, lovingly handcrafted by Rob Hunt of Phasefire Films. Thanks Rob and thanks to you our fans for the support of the album’s fundraiser. Ends May 11!

T-Shirts on the Horizon

T-shirts are now available to select as a perk on our Indiegogo fundraiser for the new album THE DUKES OF ALHAZRED.
We have secured the services of Michael Bukowski. Michael grew up in suburban wastelands of northern New Jersey but has spent the last 15 years in the urban wastelands of South Philadelphia.
He graduated from […]


You found it! This is the place where you can get the files you need to put your very own face inside the mouth of a big blue gug (as seen in H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.”
You can use the image for your social media avatar or however you please!
Click the […]