Chapter VI: Cultists On Board

ďOther ugly reports concerned my intimacy with leaders of occultist groups, and scholars suspected of connection with nameless bands of abhorrent elder-world hierophants.Ē Ė H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out of Time

Cook was nearly deaf, was a sterling chef though he did enjoy his drink. He died how he lived, with his whisk and sieve and his head inside the sink.

Tony was the mate. He was 28. Was the finest friend I had. Run through with a sword and tossed overboard. Who is gonna tell his dad?

Itís no big surprise. Everybody dies. Thatís small consolation to me now. Chin up, buttercup, when your numberís up. Now my life is flashing right before my teary world-weary eyes.

Steven, Kat, the rest trapped inside the mess wonít go down without a fight. Burning through the lock, youíre in for a shock when the petrol drums ignite.

Itís no big surprise. Everybody dies. Though this isnít quite the way that I thought I would go. Seems my numberís up. Why should I be different from the rest? The dealís the same for everybody. Everybody dies.