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Shaolin Monkey postcard design

Selling these at Anime Evolution on Aug 13th!

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Octopussycat (action pose)

  Click to make this rough colour drawing of Octopussycat in action big.

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World Wildlife Federation of Justice Postcards

I’m planning on making some postcards to bring to Anime Evolution to sell to the teeming millions. Here’s a preview of the work so far! Feel free to comment (or request your favourite WWFJ character!).

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“20 Minutes of Oxygen” Video Shoot

A couple months ago, my friend Casey invited me to see his studio, which he made into a sort of “space bar” using panels from a dismantled set of the TV show “Defying Gravity.” About the same time, my friend … Continue reading

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I fixed up my store page a bit, though there’s still a lot to add. Let me know if you can think of a way to make it better.

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