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Toren Falls Down (Again)

Toren Atkinson of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets talks about what happened at Cthulhupalooza, Second-Level Wizards, Saturday Morning Cartoon Party @ the Rio, Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary + video game, Anne McCaffrey, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, inspirations for “Theme … Continue reading

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Yes, Please Regulate My Asian Bear Bile

Now I haven’t read Bill C-51, but I was invited to the Facebook group to stop it. I read briefly through the description and my bullshit sense went off. First off “Canadian Bill C-51…proposes many changes to the Food and … Continue reading

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Latest crockery experiment was one of the more successful ones, but still not great. Corn and black beans and chicken and potatoes and a little cumin. Just doesn’t compare to a sandwich from Safeway. And if I don’t like a … Continue reading

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My Terrible Philosophy in Action

Joe wrote: The “Body For Life” book suggests an “off day” in its routine where you can eat whatever you want. It suggests that you should do your grocery shopping at the end of that day because you will be … Continue reading

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Whiney Food Bloggings Winding Down?

…seemingly. The past couple of days have been lax on the diet front. Tuesday there was chocolate as I visited Sherane’s new place and watched the new Futurama movie (7.25/10) and a documentary on nature documentaries. Wednesday was D&D and … Continue reading

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Saving Up For Chips / Crock #5

Oh tomorrow is D&D and there will likely be unhealthy snacks. This morning I had eating cookies dreams. I’ve had a large mole on my toe for as long as I can remember, but lately I noticed there are black … Continue reading

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I Also Love Dim Sum

After reading this post, Jason wrote: I’ve been following your food travails with intrigue and interest. I think this post answered the big question that I have had: Why does he eat so badly? A: You’re addicted to junk food. … Continue reading

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My Old Stomping Ground

As soon as I walked in the door of Jeremy’s housewarming I was doomed. Dolmathes, olives, houmous, dark chocolate, homemade peanut butter cookies with peanut reese’s pieces, cheese w/ rosemary crackers, and introducing the Parthenon’s “God’s Dip” – essentially a … Continue reading

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My Veggietable Prison

zdepth writes: I know you [are] a kitchenphobe, but STOP USING CANNED VEGGIES. They don’t have half the flavor of fresh. I used fresh vegetables in my first crock experiment – well, carrots and potatoes and onions – and they … Continue reading

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Crock Chronicles: I Want Curry in a Hurry

Things I’m most looking forward to eating when the deal is done: Falafully Good! plate of nachos with lots of guacamole, refried beans and olives a big bag of candy from The Candy Aisle pizza with feta, sundried tomato & … Continue reading

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