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Salamancer – as always open for critique.

This is not the final design of Salamancer, but the colour choices are real. For those not in the know, Salamancer is an evil spellcasting character.

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Toren Falls Down (Again)

Toren Atkinson of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets talks about what happened at Cthulhupalooza, Second-Level Wizards, Saturday Morning Cartoon Party @ the Rio, Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary + video game, Anne McCaffrey, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, inspirations for “Theme … Continue reading

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2008 PAX/HPLFF Thickets Tour shirts

Here’s my first pass at the long sleeve tour shirt for PAX and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Did I miss any hilarious opportunities to throw in some Lovecraftian references? Suggestions welcome!

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On A Budget For Obvious Reasons

Facebook should take “Maybe Attending” off of the list of checkboxes for Events. If not remove it altogether, they should at least change it to “I Have Problems Saying No To People But I Still Won’t Show Up.” Here’s what’s … Continue reading

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I’m A Stunted Half-Human

No disrespect meant in any way at all. Birth and death – why don’t they move me like they do others? When someone dies – and I’m thinking of someone in the public eye, not your grandpa – people like … Continue reading

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The Funny Thing About Regret Is, It’s Better To Regret Something You Have Done, Than Something You Haven’t Done.

And if you see your mom this weekend, would you be sure and tell her: “SATAN!!!” I’m single again, as of Wednesday the 13th. After a breakup, my thoughts often turn to the fallout. What does the girl tell her … Continue reading

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In Other News….

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. Some things you just can’t say on a blog. Well maybe you can after the appropriate amount of time has passed. But not now.

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Little Mister Sunshine

I saw Little Miss Sunshine with Joyous the other day. Thereat I saw the trailer for History Boys. Richard “Withnail and I, Harry Potter” Griffiths looks like he’s on the way out. Alan Arkin could go soon too (and if … Continue reading

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The Dove “Evolution” foundation makeup billboard commercial

Have you seen this video already? Of course we all know this is how the “beauty” industry works, but it’s another timely reminder. Of course everyone’s “standards” are different and I take some satisfaction in the fact that I am … Continue reading

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In My Life

I went from having no dreams for months to having really weird dreams almost every night. I dreamt that I went to Chilliwack to visit Amber and her hubby and some old guy was crucifying storks out back. Thatís how … Continue reading

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